I DID IT! First book published.

The cover of "25 Imaginative Meditations to Spark Creativity". So it's a bit on the small side, and it's a total derailment from my big novel, but I finally published my first book on Amazon. Part way through this project, which I began while my beta readers and editors had their way with my novel,… Continue reading I DID IT! First book published.


No One Wants to Hear About Your Book

“So what have you been up to lately?”  I made eye contact with my hairdresser in the large mirror as she used a comb to section off my hair. I’m going to do it, I thought. I am going to be brave and tell her I wrote a book. “Well, I wrote a book,” I… Continue reading No One Wants to Hear About Your Book


Books and Projects Updates

When the rain finally came, the smoky skies dissipated and I could breathe again. The flash flood brought with it clean air and a return to this new-normal life. For the past week, I’ve been so grateful to resume my daily walks and get back to this already messed up routine of mine.  Other things… Continue reading Books and Projects Updates


SAFE: Science Fiction or Just 2020

My feet are snug in red wool socks and propped up on a stool. Gazing out at the world, I sip my coffee. Fog settles on the earth like thick cotton. But I have to remind myself that the view outside my window is not low clouds. And while it’s only 65 degrees outside, the… Continue reading SAFE: Science Fiction or Just 2020


Waiting on Fall

Wind blows from the west,Penetrating my veins.It tells me change is coming.But I don’t believe it. I scoop up a handful of leaves,And I release.They catch the invisible stream in the air.I follow them to the foot of a mountain. The winds shift.The leaves cyclone around me.And stop me from the climb.I had hoped to… Continue reading Waiting on Fall


The People of Oz

I am taking a creative writing class through the college where I am an advisor. It's been ages since I've partaken in poetry, it's just never been my style. But, right now, I'm really into it. Perhaps the state of the world is fueling a poetic undertone. I just wrote this, and I am proud.… Continue reading The People of Oz

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Update: Tula Yoga Closing

As of July, I’ve been teaching yoga for eight years, and in that time I’ve been blessed to always have a yoga home (or many homes—six different studios to be exact). However, over the weekend, I learned that Tula Yoga and Jiu Jitsu is closing its doors permanently. Unfortunately, the business, which was established in… Continue reading Update: Tula Yoga Closing


Yoga for Creativity: Building Heat through Core Strength

When you get stuck in a creative rut, sometimes it's from a lack of fire (aka motivation, drive). Adding movement into your routine can help. Yoga, specifically heat-building practices like core strengthening, can help. Check out this short light-ish practice  designed to help you activate your abdominal muscles and add a little fire to your… Continue reading Yoga for Creativity: Building Heat through Core Strength