Yoga for Creativity: Light Stretch

Join me for a light stretchy practice focused on relieving strain in the major muscle groups and areas that hold on to tension from long hours writing, designing or creating! We'll end the practice with a creative meditation to exercising your imagination muscle. Next week's blog post: Actualizing My Status as an Author and Why… Continue reading Yoga for Creativity: Light Stretch

Yoga for Creativity: FLOWing with Imagination

Join me for a low, slow flow and an imaginative meditation. Designed to overcome creative blocks and get those juices flowing. Check back on Monday for a new blog that dives deeper into this subject: 3 Ways to Boost Creativity when you get Stuck!

Yoga for Creatives: Hips and Internal Dialogue

Your internal dialogue can make or break your ability to create or create well. What lies do you tell yourself? Do you speak kindly to yourself or do you tear yourself down? In this practice, let me shower you with positive affirmations while we work on opening in the hips (By the way, we store… Continue reading Yoga for Creatives: Hips and Internal Dialogue

Yoga for the Creative: Balancing Right and Left Sides

For those of you suffering from a creative/mental block, the yoga theory is that by practicing twists and poses that cross the midline of the body, one can begin to bring balance to both sides of the brain. Thus tapping into those creative AND analytical skills needed to overcome obstacles. Over the next several weeks… Continue reading Yoga for the Creative: Balancing Right and Left Sides