Efron Block 9: Part 2

This is part 2 of my short story, Efron Block 9. Click here to read part 1. Part 2 Balastor slammed a tiny metal cup on the gritty counter.  “One more,” he grunted at the bartender. The robot’s wheels and gears whizzed and whirled as it rolled over to the tap.  “Don’t—you—think—you’ve—had—enough—sir?” It put its… Continue reading Efron Block 9: Part 2

Efron Block 9: Part 1

Part 1 Lyria pounded her head against the cold white brick of her prison cell wall.  “Stupid. Stupid. Stupid,” she whispered.  Five days had passed since Lyria landed her ship on Efron, a junker planet where ships and droids go to die. It’s also a good place to scavenge parts for rubbish space crafts. The… Continue reading Efron Block 9: Part 1