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Bookish Updates and an Announcement!
Blog Post 9/1/2022

My Novel and My Life: Stifled by Imposter Syndrome
Blog Post 8/19/2022

Annie: She Knows Things
Blog Post 8/4/2022

The 1 Thing I’ve been Dying to Share with You!
Blog Post 7/28/22

Steve is No Nonsense
Blog Post 7/21/22

Play Nice, Nichole!
Blog Post 6/21/22

Not Just a Plain Jane
Blog Post 6/7/2022

bOOOOk! Update
Blog Post 5/20/22

How I Survived the ND Winter
Blog Post 3/24/22

From the Sea to the Prairie
Blog Post 2/1/22

7 blogs I was going to write but couldn’t
Blog Post 8/25/21

3 Sexy Confessions of an Author
Blog Post 8/17/21

Believe and Do
Blog Post 3/3/21

25 Imaginative Meditations to Spark Creativity
Available on Amazon in ebook and print formats!

“Are You Better Off Eating the Frog?”
Blog post 2/24/21