Books and Projects Updates

When the rain finally came, the smoky skies dissipated and I could breathe again. The flash flood brought with it clean air and a return to this new-normal life. For the past week, I’ve been so grateful to resume my daily walks and get back to this already messed up routine of mine. 

Other things I’m resuming: Writing projects. I feel incredibly uninspired for my blog post today. So I thought I would take this opportunity to update myself… err I mean, my “readers” on where I stand.

The eight-week creative writing class I took over summer quarter was wonderful. I got to work with some fun writers and get some valuable feedback on my writing. It was also nice to get to know one of the English faculty at the college where I am an advisor. But the class wore me out. After I finished, I took a two-ish week mental break (aka, Hulu binge). I don’t know if that’s an accurate description, because I do work during the day. But what I mean is I’ve spent all my spare time watching “The Handmaid’s Tale” instead of writing.

During the class, I got my manuscript (draft 4) of “The Author and The Illustrator” back from my editor. There’s a lot to work on and I haven’t even started. I browsed through some comments, but I have avoided a thorough read through as of yet. I may seek one more paid beta reader before getting back to it.

I have started editing “25 Creative Meditations.” Since this is going to be an e-book and print to publish, after this edit, I’ll do another read through and then send to a proofreader and potentially a formatter. Though I may attempt to format it myself. Ideally, I want to finish this before getting back to work on my novel. Also, I am considering adding in 10 “bonus” poems, for fun and for some additional content. 

“Efron Block 9.” I tried to finish the third part in my class, but I only got through part of the third part. I am totally stuck. I want to finish it, but with the way it’s progressed, it seems like it needs more time and space to finish the story line. I got some great feedback on the entire story, however. Maybe I should just blow everyone up. That’d get it done.

One more episode of Handmaids left, then The Walking Dead and The Haunting of Hill House. I swear I’ll finish something one of these days.

Anyway, the leaves are changing now and starting to make their journey to the ground. The PNW rains are here to bless us and prepare us for the beautiful green of spring. And besides all this writing, I am ushering in the new season (Autumnal Equinox was yesterday!) with a whole-foods juice/smoothie/soup fast. Better nutrition means better author, advisor, yoga teacher and mom!

And I’m bringing out the Halloween decor this weekend! YAY!

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