I DID IT! First book published.

The cover of “25 Imaginative Meditations to Spark Creativity”.

So it’s a bit on the small side, and it’s a total derailment from my big novel, but I finally published my first book on Amazon.

Part way through this project, which I began while my beta readers and editors had their way with my novel, I started kicking myself.

“Why?” I wondered. “Why oh why did I pick up another project?”

But now I get it. The universe has spoken.

It has been an incredible learning experience and surely I will be able to apply this invaluable knowledge once I am ready to publish my novel (I do plan to publish traditionally, but self-publishing is my back-up plan).

This book of meditations is the birth child of my love for fiction and creating, and yoga.

Here’s the blurb:

For many grown-ups, imagination doesn’t come easily. It’s a skill we used as kids when we were creating elaborate worlds for our dolls or battling in open fields with our friends as cowboys and Indians.

25 Imaginative Meditations to Spark your Creativity” is a collection of exercises that will help strengthen the part of your brain that needs some encouragement to come out and play—your imagination. With each meditation you will be dropped into a scene where you are the protagonist. As you freely explore your imagination, you can encourage a sense of play, overcome mental blocks and inspire your creative pursuits.

Whether you’re a writer, an artist, or business professional looking to strengthen your creative problem-solving skills, these meditations are for you. This book can also be used in group settings like yoga classes.

It’s available for sale on Amazon in print ($8.99 usd) or Kindle (2.99 usd) editions. If you would like to support me (recouping the costs of publishing, ie editing and formatting), I would be over the moon! You can purchase it here: “25 Imaginative Meditations to Spark Creativity”.

Once I get my author’s copies in, I hope to write a post sharing my KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) experience.

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