The 1 thing I’ve been Dying to Share with You

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I am over the moon with the fact that I, Shawnee Randolph, have finally finished my novel, “The Author and The Illustrator.”

I’ve set a release date: October 2022.

I’ve submitted the book to my formatter.

I’ve hired a cover designer.

And now, I am ready to share an advanced copy with Y-O-U!

When you register to be an advanced reader, you’ll get a free Kindle copy of my book about a month before it drops on Amazon. Why am I giving away my book for free? The truth is, while there is no obligation to leave a review, I really, really hope you do. Reviews are the best way for new authors to be seen on Amazon. Your review would help me be more visible in searches. As a new author, this is worth its weight in gold.

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More about “The Author and The Illustrator”:

Jayne was either dying or going crazy. This is what she thought every time her right hand started hurting. She never suspected it was magic...

Thirteen-year-old Jayne grew up with her loving mom and dad in downtown Portland, Oregon. She liked books and movies, and hanging out with her best friend. At school, she stayed camouflaged in the background—careful not to attract the attention of bullies. Life was good and safe.

But her very ordinary, plain life changes when her parents are hit in a tragic bicycling accident. She barely has time to breathe before she is whisked away to live with a misfit crew of orphans and a seemingly psychic foster mom. As if her new home wasn’t odd enough, the neighborhood turns out to be even weirder. It’s here she encounters talking animals, a ghost-witch, and a secret that connects Jayne to all of it.

In search of answers, Jayne and two unlikely friends embark on a journey where she discovers she possesses a strange power. But fearful of those who would force her to use her gift for evil, Jayne must keep her magic hidden.

Here’s what one beta reader said about “The Author and The Illustrator”:

“While reading, I felt like I was back in middle school; I was immersed in the imagination of a youth. This was absolutely heartwarming for me and took me back to my favorite reading days. Even though I am an adult of 26, I found this book conceptually valuable and creatively stimulating!” – Ashleigh Bilodeau

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