The People of Oz

I am taking a creative writing class through the college where I am an advisor. It’s been ages since I’ve partaken in poetry, it’s just never been my style. But, right now, I’m really into it. Perhaps the state of the world is fueling a poetic undertone.

I just wrote this, and I am proud. It’s political. It’s probably very controversial in our sweltering climate. And I use my all-time favorite movie as my inspiration.

Side note: My favorite character is the Tin Man. I’ve never explored why, but I think it’s because he desires a heart more than anything else. Love is the noblest of virtues. It drives out fear, which is the biggest cancer our society is facing.

The People of Oz
By Shawnee Randolph

The Emerald City paves the Yellow Brick Interstate
With the violence and unrest of the brainwashed People of Oz
Who rightfully scream about crimes of injustice—
Sins of generations long past.

But they confuse the Army of Oz with the Witch’s Guards and her Flying Monkey minions
All the while, Evilline rises up in her power.
She plots with Singra, the witch of the Southernmost City of Roses.
Together they conspire to fill the land with poppies that close their people’s eyes.

Dorthy didn’t really melt the witch with that bucket of water; 
Her ghost still controls, still condemns, still inspires conformity.
And the Wizard abandoned his people to destruction.
In his hot air balloon, he flew back to the safety of Kansas.

Glinda, disguised as the Good Witch,
Appointed the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion as new leaders
But the three were ill prepared to protect the people.
Their only tools, a fake diploma, a plastic clock and a faux medal of valor.

They watched Dorothy click her heels.
She too would leave them for Aunt Em’s farm.
And the People of Oz, left to their devices, 
Burned their Beautiful Emerald City.

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