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Update: Tula Yoga Closing

As of July, I’ve been teaching yoga for eight years, and in that time I’ve been blessed to always have a yoga home (or many homes—six different studios to be exact). However, over the weekend, I learned that Tula Yoga and Jiu Jitsu is closing its doors permanently. Unfortunately, the business, which was established in 2013, has been a victim of the COVID-19 closures mandated by the governor.

I am so very grateful for Tula embracing me and my students with open arms when we were searching for a new home. It has been a pleasure teaching with the ladies at Tula for the past four years. The business was a wonderful addition to the community, and its presence will be missed.

While this is a bittersweet time, it also provides me with an opportunity to do some deep exploration of my goals moving forward. Over the past few months I’ve been reevaluating my “niche” in the yoga teaching market and also getting more serious about my writing. I decided to combine yoga with writing (or the creative process), and while it is narrow in its scope, I feel like I finally found the niche I am most passionate about.

At this time, I plan to take an indefinite break from teaching in person yoga classes. I am leaning more toward building up a Youtube channel focused on yoga for creativity. Youtube is pretty saturated with free yoga, so it will be important for me to offer high quality videos, which means I need to update my equipment and also make sure I am providing unique content. I’ll keep everyone posted as I work toward this goal.

As for my writing, I am still working on editing my book of meditations and waiting for my editor to finish up her work on my middle grade novel. My goal is to get my book of meditations completed and on Amazon before I get my novel back from my editor.

Well there you have it. This year has been… well I don’t even know. On the one hand, I get to press the restart button, and I am making progress on my writing. On the other hand…



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