7 blogs I wanted to write but couldn’t

This past week has been a very heavy week. Did you feel it?

That reminds me of when Marty McFly said to Doc Brown, “Woah, this is heavy!”

Doc responds: “There’s that word again. Heavy. Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?”

IDK about earth’s gravitational pull, but there is definitely something afoot at the Circle K. (I’m mixing movie references here and I don’t even care. Comment to let me know if you get this one.)

I wrote out two separate blogs and the titles to five others. The themes for all of them, except one, just broke my heart with reality. Does that make sense? The world is heavy enough without me writing a blog post about it.

I’d like to stick to posts with encouragement for other writers, but sometimes that is too hard with such a weight on my chest.

Alas, I give you 7 blogs I was going to write but couldn’t:

  • Help! Our world needs a Katniss, Harry, June or Gandalf. ASAP!
  • You don’t need tracker-jacker venom to be fear conditioned
  • Five things I learned about editing while self-publishing
  • My gift of clairvoyancy is clouded by reality
  • Death: “I am haunted by humans.”
  • “And in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night.”
  • “TECH SUPPORT!” I am ready to wake up now.

Can you see my theme for the week?

Did you feel it like I did this week?


Encouragement: Take care of yourself. Take care of your family. I stand with you and your right to choose.

Don’t be like me; keep creating, keep writing.

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