3 Sexy Confessions of an Author

:’) Made you click!

Sorry if you ACTUALLY thought this was going to be sessy. It’s not. But for my confessions, read on!

Confession #1

I’ve been spending most of my non-work/mom time figuring out what to post on Instagram, rather than paying any mind to this blog. And I won’t apologize for it either. I actually have very good reason for neglecting this platform. Well, one good reason. The rest are just excuses.

Good Reason: I’m working very hard to build up a following, which is entirely NOT superficial and is all part of the plan (See Confession # 2).

Confession #2

Here’s where it gets juicy. I made a decision, one 10 years in the making, really. See, my original plan was to attempt to traditionally publish my middle grade novel, “The Author and The Illustrator.” However, due to the crap storm that has been 2020 and most of 2021, I have decided life is too derned short to spend a year query agents and cross my fingers that one will like me. Then wait for publishers to decide if I’m worth their money. So, the reason for Confession #1 is that if I am to self publish my book, I actually need to gain a little interest. Just a bit.

I go to bed each night chanting, “Please like me. Please like me.” I know. I’m know. I am not my book, but when you spend 10+ years on something…aren’t you?

Confession #3

At some point (perhaps on Instagram), I mentioned I might teach some online yoga classes. I’m still thinking about it. Really. What I am really trying to decide, though, is if yoga teacher Shawnee is still a character in my life. I think she is. But the truth is that my physical and mental health has been such that I’ve shied away from teaching. I’m not really even sure I could talk my way through a whole flow class right now. It’s embarrassing, if I’m being honest. And this IS a confession. I am still doing a home practice, though much lighter than I used to and some days it just doesn’t happen.

If I do teach an online yoga class, I believe I have resolved to teach 15-minute sessions for writers. I gotta stick to my niche.


Bonus! Book Update:

I just got my final draft back from a proof-reader. I am working my way through the track changes. My pace is about 1/2 chapter a day, as I am meticulously doing one more thorough read through as I accept/reject changes. My next step will be to hire a formatter for formatting my ebook and paperback. Third will be to hire a cover designer. I’ve already started browsing cover designers. It’s going to be so hard to choose! Then all I have to do is be patient while I build interest so I can attempt to get a bazillion advanced readers for honest reviews.

Ahhhhhhhh! I can’t believe I am this close. It will still be 6 months or so before I am ready to launch, but may just be a couple months before I can hold an advanced copy in my hand! ❤ 😀

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