Play nice, Nichole!

Nichole is smart, athletic and sometimes a bit of a jerk, especially to Jayne. Nichole doesn’t have a coming of age story; her teen years were thrust upon her, leaving her angry and confused. She doesn’t fully understand why, but she believes Jayne has something to do with all the weird things happening at the foster home. The trauma of not knowing her past and her struggle to know the truth mold her into a fierce daughter, sister and friend.

Name: Nichole

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Hometown: An unincorporated community along the Oregon Coast. Nearest town,
Lincoln City, Oregon.

Eye Color: Green

Natural Hair Color: Blonde

Body Type: Tall, athletic.

Dominant Hand: Right

Makeup Style: Plain or none.

Clothing Style: Casual. Sporty.

Extrovert or Introvert: Extrovert.

Optimist or Pessimist: Slightly pessimistic, but sometimes optimistic. She’s a bit of a rollercoaster. 

Temperament: Spit fire. Likes to be right.

Mood: Brooding. Likes to tease. It’s annoying and sometimes mean, but it’s
also her way of showing affection.

Attitude: Tough.

Strengths: Not afraid to break out of the confines of her life. Gets to the
bottom of things.

Flaws: Self-centered. Believes it’s all about her.

Pet Peeves: People talking about her.

Favorite Virtue: Diligence.

Ruled by Heart or Mind: Heart. (And gut)

Motivated by: Seeking the truth

Life Motto: Let’s eat!

Favorite Foods: Breakfast. Anything with syrup.

Favorite Movie/Music: NA She and the rest of the foster kids are sheltered.

Favorite Book: Any old-fashioned mystery book that can be found on Annie’s

Favorite Place: The beach.

Favorite activities: Playing basketball.

Hobbies: Playing basketball. Reading. Eating. Picking on the little kids.

Interests: Food.

Raised by: Annie.

Parent Status: Unknown.

Family Relations: Foster mom, Annie. Other foster kids.

Extended Family: Unknown.

What Nichole likes most about her family: Annie’s cooking.

Pets: None.

“The Author and The Illustrator” book blurb:

Jayne was either dying or going crazy. This is what she thought every time her right hand started hurting. She never suspected it was magic.

Ordinary Jayne grew up with her loving mom and dad in downtown Portland, Oregon. She liked books and movies, and hanging out with her best friend. At school, she stayed camouflaged in the background–careful not to attract the attention of bullies. Life was good and safe.

But her very ordinary, plain life changes when her parents are hit in a tragic bicycling accident. She barely has time to breathe before she is whisked away to live with a misfit crew of orphans and a seemingly psychic foster mom. As if her new home wasn’t odd enough, her new neighborhood turns out to be even weirder. It’s here she encounters talking animals, a ghost-witch, and a secret that connects Jayne to all of it.

In search of answers, Jayne and two unlikely friends embark on a journey where she discovers she possesses a strange power. But Jayne must keep her magic hidden for fear of a maniacal, long-lost relative who wants to force her to use her magic for evil.

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