Not just a Plain Jane.

Jayne is perfectly content staying off the radar of bullies at school, reading, watching movies with her best friend, and going on family outings with her mom and dad. Life is pretty sweet and perfectly boring. But everything changes while on an early morning bike ride with her parents, when a tragedy would lead to a discovery about her family’s history that is anything but normal.

Jayne Black is the main character and unsuspecting heroine in my novel, “The Author and The Illustrator.” Below is her bio…

Name: Jayne Black

Name significance/meaning: Just a plain Jane. Or is she?

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Hometown: Portland, Oregon.

Eye Color: Hazel

Natural Hair Color: Brown

Body Type: Average

Dominant Hand: Right

Makeup Style: Plain or none.

Clothing Style: Casual. T-shirts and jeans. Likes pop-culture t-shirts.

Extrovert or Introvert: Introvert. Has few friends, but they are close friends.

Optimist or Pessimist: Realist.

Temperament: Generally cool as a cucumber, until poked and prodded.

Mood: Inquisitive and internal thinker which may seem ho-hum to some. But generally, her overall mood is good, even-kilter.

Attitude: Sincere.

Strengths: Loyal.

Flaws: Hates confrontation. When she gets mad… she gets REALLY mad. Believes she must do everything on her own.

Pet Peeves: Nichole’s oafishness, snoring and bad breath.

Favorite Virtue: Brave when pushed to be so.

Ruled by Heart or Mind: Heart.

Motivated by: Being pushed out of her comfort zone.

Life Motto: Better to be unseen… stay low.

Favorite Foods: Spaghetti with real meatballs. Big juicy hamburger.

Favorite Movie: Too many to list.

Favorite Music: Classic. Indie. Top 40. A general love of music.

Favorite Book: Too many to list. 

Favorite Place: The Washington/Oregon coast.

Favorite activities: Watching movies with her bestie.

Hobbies: Watching movies. Reading. Drawing.

Interests: Pop culture.

Raised by: Mom and dad.

Parent Status: Married

Family Relations: Jayne is an only child and close to her parents.

Extended Family: None. But that may change.

What Jayne likes most about her family: Family outings.

Pets: None.

Jayne was either dying or going crazy. This is what she thought every time her right hand started hurting. She never suspected it was magic.

Thirteen-year-old Jayne grew up with her loving mom and dad in downtown Portland, Oregon. She liked books and movies, and hanging out with her best friend. At school, she stayed camouflaged in the background—careful not to attract the attention of bullies. Life was good and safe.

But her very ordinary, plain life changes when her parents are hit in a tragic bicycling accident. She barely has time to breathe before she is whisked away to live with a misfit crew of orphans and a seemingly psychic foster mom. As if her new home wasn’t odd enough, the neighborhood turns out to be even weirder. It’s here she encounters talking animals, a ghost-witch, and a secret that connects Jayne to all of it.

In search of answers, Jayne and two unlikely friends embark on a journey where she discovers she possesses a strange power. But fearful of those who would force her to use her magic for evil, Jayne must keep her magic hidden.

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