Believe and Do: How Belief Propels Success

“Sweetheart, you can be anything you want. If you believe in yourself and work hard.” That’s what I told my daughter the other day when she asked me if she could be a singer.

She said, “I already know how to sing.”

I explained that while that’s true, if she wants to be a great singer, she has to practice and practice hard. She has the belief part down. It’s the other part that needs to sink.

Do you have the first part down? Do you believe you can achieve your dreams?

What if the difference between writing your book or not comes down to believing in yourself or not? The same applies to any dream or goal.

Thoughts are energy.

They can be negative energy, holding you back from your dreams. They can be positive energy, propelling you forward.

And that’s that. My ultra short blog post for the week. Reminding you and myself to know you can and work hard.

To believe and do.

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